Q. Does A & B Home sell directly to consumers?

No – A & B Home only sells to retail customers. Our products are carried by thousands of high-quality retail stores and e-commerce web sites around the world making them easy to find through our retail partners.

Q. Does A & B Home drop ship?

A & B Home has an exceptional drop ship program for qualified e-commerce customers. Please call (888) 868-1808 for complete details.  E-commerce not your primary business model?  Our drop ship program for you is coming soon - check back in early 2016!

Q. Does A & B Home ship to residential addresses?

Yes – additional fees may apply to the shipment for residential delivery.

Q. What does the truck icon mean next to the item?

The truck icon means this item is too large or too fragile to ship by UPS or FedEx. It needs to be shipped on a pallet and travel with a common freight carrier. An order containing a “truck item” should be $800+ in value to help minimize freight expense.

Q. How much will my freight cost?

There are many variables that determine freight cost but typically larger orders receive better freight rates from common carriers. A & B Home does offer promotions throughout the year that include freight caps and free freight opportunities so speak with your A & B Home salesperson or call customer service for further details.

Q. How fast will my order ship?

A & B Home strives to ship all credit worthy orders (with at-once ship dates) within 3 – 5 business days. During peak shipping season it may take slightly longer to ship orders based upon extraordinary volume.

Q. What happens if an item is out of stock?

A & B Home provides product availability information on each product on our site so you will be able to see the various ship dates on an order. If something is unavailable or out of stock at your requested ship date we will backorder the item and ship it when it is available. Low dollar backorders may be canceled if shipping the items may cause high freight charges.

Q. What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept American Express, Visa & MasterCard credit card payments. Customers may apply for Net 30 terms once they have $2,500 in shipments with A & B Home. Call our corporate office for more details on our credit process.